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Power Brush for Air Duct Cleaning

Power Brush for Air Duct Cleaning of metal duct work.

The indoor air quality in your home may be one of the most important health items for your family. Whether your indoor air is clean or dirty, will determine how the indoor air quality in your home impacts your family as it relates to allergies, pulmonary health, cardiac health, or even dangerous reactions from certain contaminates, such as mold, that may be coming directly out of your home heating and air system. Clean air can promote healthy living and may also minimize reactionary symptoms due to poor indoor air quality. These symptoms would include; persistent cough, runny nose, sleeps deficiency, headaches or fatigue, when in the home. Good indoor air can improve your and your family’s general health substantially, especially those family members that may suffer from allergies or pulmonary reactions, or has experienced cardiac problems.

Nowadays most homes have a central air system with connecting air ducting to move conditioned indoor air throughout the home. Over time, the air system and the connecting air ducting will accumulate dust and other contaminates, which can cause circulation of dirty and polluted indoor air through your home. Out-of-sight and out-of-mind health items that we don’t think much about are dirty air system and air ducts which could be the unhealthiest item in our home.

Commercial HEPA Filter Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Commercial HEPA Filter Air Duct Cleaning Equipment

Heating and cooling air systems should be regularly maintained and inspected to determine whether your indoor air system and duct work require cleaning. Keeping your indoor air system cleaned with proper filtration and maintenance can provide years of good healthy indoor air quality and service from your heating and air conditioning equipment.

We highly recommend using a Florida Certified Mechanical Contractor to inspect and clean your air system. As a certified Mechanical Contractor the technicians, are properly trained to decontaminate your air system and not only can they properly clean your air system due to their extensive knowledge and experience with air systems and indoor air quality, but they can also alert you of any additional areas that might need attention to improve upon your indoor air quality such as; filtration considerations, damage, structural air flow problems, or inefficiencies of your present system. In more humid and hot climates, you will want to have your air systems inspected and service, at least every season, to assure that your air system and air ducts is clean of debris providing good indoor air quality.

Hepa Aire_H2500IV

Rotobursh Air Duct Cleaning


Make sure that the company has the proper equipment to properly clean your air ducts. Portable vacuuming units that are brought into the home should have HEPA filters to assure that the contaminates that are detached from the interior of your ductwork will not be exhausted back into your home.

Assuring that your air ducts and air systems will be properly cleaned with the correct equipment, personnel has the proper training and is a Florida licensed Mechanical Contractor and that has the expertise in cleaning your home or building, is a small price to pay for the possible health benefits for you, your family, or the occupants of the building.

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As with every industry, there are the scams in the air duct cleaning business, including Air Duct Cleaning in Jacksonville. Here are a couple of examples why you have to be cautious who you hire to any job in your home or building, even Air Duct Cleaning.


These are companies who are more interested in getting your money, through misleading advertisements or “bait and switch” mailers than actually doing the work properly and improving your indoor air. The very worse thing you can do is to hire a company that may actually create more of an indoor air problem for you and your family due to improper cleaning or use of inferior air duct cleaning vacuums with no more vacuum power than a large Wet/Dry vacuum with a rotating brush attached at the end of the hose, or use a “carpet cleaner” who is not properly licensed or certified to clean air systems. Be especially suspicious of companies advertising low one price duct cleaning service, it’s like providing a one price to paint the exterior of your home whether it be 1 story or several stories high.

On the other hand there are many more air duct cleaning companies that will properly clean the air system and air ducts and use commercial negative air duct cleaning vacuums with at least 2,000 CFMs of vacuum power and utilize proper agitating tools to move the contaminates within the duct work to be captured with HEPA filters and contained by the air duct cleaning vacuum equipment.

Remember; think about your air system as the lungs of your home. Then consider the type of company that you want to handle your home’s lungs and your indoor air quality within your home. Have the complete air system periodically inspected for contaminated duct work and have it properly maintained so your Heating and Air System can provide your family with good air quality for years to come. Qualified air duct cleaners will follow strict standards set by the National Air Duct Cleaners Association. Allowing an unqualified contractor to clean your ducts could be worse than not having them cleaned at all. More particles could be broken up and released into your home or your HVAC system could be damaged.

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